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    Cabbage varieties

    Cauliflower (ps cauliflower seeds for export to Russia and 512 seeds for export to Arab countries are packed in pallets)
    Broccoli (quality broccoli is available in 7.5 kg foam packaging with long shelf life for export)
    White and purple kale (Iranian kale is one of the best export products to the Persian Gulf countries and Russia)

    صادرات کاهو رومانو

    Types of lettuce

    Official lettuce (Official lettuce or Romano lettuce in branded cellophane packaging and available in baskets and cartons for export to Russia and Persian Gulf countries, etc.) Iceberg lettuce (iceberg lettuce or salad lettuce) is one of the most popular lettuces in Russia. Iran, as the agricultural hub of the Middle East, is one of the most important areas for the supply of iceberg lettuce (Chinese lettuce) (iceberg with nano cellophane packaging for export to Russia is one of the most popular products of Iran)

    All kinds of vegetable products

    Corn (Mexican corn of Samira seeds is the best-selling corn in the field of export. This product is exported as a basket to Russia and the Persian Gulf region and Europe.) Watermelon (round and oval shaped watermelon with B32 seeds is a product that is exported to Russia and the Persian Gulf region) Carrot is one of the best-selling products of Iran. Celery (Celery is exported in 2 types of stem and healthy. This product is exported only in single cellophane form.

    about us :

    Golbal Trading Group has more than 10 years of experience in exporting vegetables and summer fruits. As the agricultural hub of the Middle East, Iran exports many vegetable and summer products to Russia, Georgia and other countries. Persian Gulf countries and some European countries are our customers.

    Golbal Business Manager

    mostafa golzar

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